Crafted by sisters, for Seasters

100% Handmade and unique

Each of our piece of jewels is meticulously handmade with love with high quality materials. We put all our heart into every single piece.

  • Waterfresh Pearls & Shells

    Our jewels are crafted with Lombok Freshwater pearls that are selected for their natural beauty and quality.

    Every shell is also meticulously chosen, reflecting its near-perfect shape and form. 

  • Gold Components

    Our jewelry features PVD gold-plated components, providing a durable and consistent gold finish. This innovative technique offers a superior and long-lasting gold plating.

  • Handcrafted

    Each of our jewelry pieces is meticulously crafted and assembled by hand from the very beginning. Every piece is unique, requiring approximately 1 hour of careful work, attention to detail, and thorough quality control to ensure flawless assembly.

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